Head Teacher's Message
Message from the Headteacher
Added on the 20/02/2017
Congratulations to the Year 10 and Year 11 students who participated in the Rotary Technology Tournament just before half term. They completed the challenges involving problem solving, team work and engineering skills. Particular congratulations to the team of Tom Evans, Lewis Howard, Emma Brown and Jason George for achieving first place and bringing the trophy back to Ernulf.

Many of our Year 11 students, studying History GCSE, travelled to Kracow in the half term. This included a visit to Auschwitz and Oskar Schindlerís Factory. Student behaviour was exemplary throughout. The students now have a far deeper understanding of these complex and challenging events in history.

This will be an increasingly busy term for Year 11 students. They have their second Pre-Public Exams (Mocks) in Maths and English next week and a busy schedule of additional revision and intervention sessions. Full details will follow in a separate newsletter.

Finally please can I thank parents/carers for their continued support to ensure that all students arrive at school on time, in the correct uniform, ready to learn.